Motivational Monday

Whelp, it’s the end of January. We are already a whole month into 2022… how time flies. I started the year full of fire and motivation, but it’s been hard to keep that going. So I remember my first post. JUST DO IT! Don’t stop trying! Don’t stop struggling! Don’t stop working and creating and improving. Keep up the momentum, and choose every day to accomplish something even if it’s small.

One area I’ve been attempting to improve is my posture. Ever since I was a kid, my posture has been poor. My grandma used to give me a wooden curtain rod when I visited, telling me hold it behind my back with my arms to help me stand straight, like this. I didn’t like doing it and blew it off. Like so many, these days I spend a huge amount of time on my phone and computer. The result of all this screen time has been so-called “nerd neck” – rounded shoulders and a head that is tilted forward. It doesn’t look or feel good.

Thankfully, I’ve recently learned that fixing this issue isn’t too difficult. There are a few easy stretches and exercises that, if done consistently, can rapidly improve your posture. I’ve been doing them for a few weeks and already have had great improvement.

Here is a video explaining what to do. It basically consists of stretching the muscles in the front of the neck that pull the head forward, and strengthening the muscles in the back of the neck that keep the head in its proper position. The best part is that most of them can be done anywhere, anytime that you have a few spare seconds. I like to do them in the car when I’m stopped at a red light, or in between sets while lifting at the gym, or just sitting at home.

These exercises, combined with stretches for my chest and strengthening my back and core, have noticeably improved my posture. Sometimes when walking around I’ll realize my head is naturally erect instead of slouched forward. The improved posture helps you literally be taller and to feel more confident and alert. It is just what we need in this era of sitting at a desk all day. Go ahead and give it a try for a couple weeks, and let me know if you get results!

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