Hello, World!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, but somehow never got around to it. I even got a domain registered and set things up on WordPress for over a year, but never pulled the trigger. I wanted it to be perfect. The perfect About Me page, the perfect introductory post, then a perfect post summarizing what I find wrong with liberalism and another with what I find wrong with conservatism. All full of nuance of insight and clever wording, to show what a well-informed, educated, reasonable and balanced person I am.

Hah. Hahahahaha! The perfect is the enemy of the good for me. And of course I was delaying and self sabotaging. I just need to start writing. Soo… here I am. Just writing. Hello! How’s it going?

What’s that? It’s not going so good? It’s been an absolute shit couple of years? Indeed it has. Between politics and pandemics, the deaths of loved ones and natural disasters, it’s been an extremely challenging time.

But despite the pain, remember that you are loved. And know as well, that every day is a new day, a new opportunity, a new chance to look at the world with fresh eyes and to contribute, even just a little, to making a positive change. For me, that is finally getting my voice out into the world. No more delays or excuses.

What thing, dear reader, does your heart yearn to do? Why have you not done it?

Just do it!

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