Purpose of the Blog

Outer Work

Dear readers,

Are you tired? Because I sure am.

I’m tired of seeing all the stuff that’s wrong in the world, and feeling unable to do anything about it.

I’m tired of the corrupt politicians. I’m tired of the conspiracy theories. I’m tired of the pointless wars and needless violence. I’m tired of the flagrant abuses and greed of the wealthy and powerful. I’m tired of the widening inequality, the exploitation of the poor and of the environment.

Sure, I can share articles on Facebook, retweet memes, or argue in the comment sections. Those help a little, but mostly they feel pointless and petty. Like I’m just spinning my wheels and preaching to the choir. The audience is limited. It seems like minds are never changed, and little gets accomplished.

A major purpose of this blog is to (hopefully) reach a wider audience. To spread information which will make the world better. To articulate ideas and thoughts in a clear and compelling manner so that perhaps some minds actually will be changed. To help nudge our society and civilization onto a better course so that we, and Earth, can flourish and prosper.

Inner Work

I’m also tired of all the stuff that’s wrong with me. I’m tired of not doing the things that I’ve wanted to do, like starting this blog. Or of having a messy and dirty house, or of wasting so much time binging show after show instead of creating or helping. I’m tired of not taking proper care of my body by drinking too much. I’m tired of exercising too little and playing too many videogames. I’m tired of not following or practicing my own spiritual beliefs.

Another purpose of this blog is to encourage and motivate myself and others to make positives changes in our personal lives. The big picture issues are vitally important. But so is doing the inner work.

The State of the World

Humanity stands on the cusp of tremendous change. The decisions we make now will have the most dramatic ramifications possible. Our progress so far – the industrial revolution, electricity, atomic energy, computers – is astounding. But these are merely the springboard to further exponential technological change, change so rapid and large in scope that we can barely conceive it. Bioengineering, nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, and most importantly artificial intelligence will soon transform our world nearly beyond recognition.

Our human cleverness has brought amazing benefits, but at great cost. Mother Earth convulses in pain. The Great Barrier Reef is dying. A garbage patch twice the size of Texas swirls in the Pacific. Populations of key species rapidly plummet while others go extinct. The rainforests fall and burn, the topsoil washes away, aquifers run dry, wildfires run rampant, and toxic waste washes into our water. Above all, with slow inexorable force, lumbers the specter of climate change.

The resources of Earth are vast, but not unlimited. The bill will come due soon. We must change our relationship to nature, if our human civilization is to survive and thrive.

We must also change our relationship to each other. We cannot solve our environmental crisis without solving our political crisis. America stands divided as never before in modern memory. Extremism and tribalism have taken root and flourished, poisoning our discourse, and painting our fellow citizens as enemies instead of neighbors. Corruption runs rampant, fueled by unlimited political money and greed. The powerful prey on the vulnerable and the gullible. The very concept of truth is under attack. Without a shared basis of facts which constitute reality there can be no discourse or compromise.

Enough is Enough

So yes, dear readers, I am tired. But I’m also energized. And pissed. No longer will I sit idly by. I will improve myself, my habits, my relationships, my faith. And I will speak and spread the truth as best I am able. Though I’m only one voice, I am not alone, and together we are powerful.

Welcome to The Trozan Source.

First things first
I’ma say all the words inside my head
I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been

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